Date: 17th December 2014 at 8:37am
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Red Bull Racing’s factory in Milton Keynes was ram-raided on December 6th with 60 Formula One trophies stolen.

A six-man gang used a 4×4 to drive through the front entrance and gain access to the building.

Thankfully the security guards who were working at the time were not physically harmed during the raid.

Thames Valley Police confirmed that over 60 trophies belonging to the Red Bull Racing team had been stolen, with two vehicles used in the robbery.

Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner said following the incident: ‘Beyond the aggressive nature of this break-in, we are perplexed why anyone would take these trophies. The value to the team is of course extraordinarily high due to the sheer hard work and effort that went into winning each and every one. But their intrinsic value is low; they would be of little benefit to those outside of the team and, in addition to that, many of the trophies on display were replicas.

20 of the trophies have now been recovered after they were found in Horseshoe Lake near Sandhurst.

Unfortunately many are not in good condition following the theft.

Det Con Chris Oakman said: ‘We estimate about 20 trophies have been recovered, but we are liaising with Red Bull to establish the exact number, as some of the trophies are damaged.’

Horner said: ‘Hopefully we can get the trophies back to our factory where they belong and get replicas made of those that we can’t.’