Date: 6th June 2016 at 7:40am
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As the 2016 season has progressed, Red Bull Racing appear to be more and more excited by their power-unit.

It of course is just one example of just how quickly things can change in Formula One, considering just how poor the relationship between Red Bull Racing and French engine manufacturer Renault was, just 12 months ago.

During 2015, Red Bull Racing were constantly criticising the French car maker, whilst desperately trying to get out of their contract with them in regards to buying their power-units for 2016.

Red Bull approached Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda in a bid to get a new engine for 2016, whilst Renault considered leaving the sport entirely.

Eventually however it proved too hard for Red Bull to obtain another engine and eventually had to go cap in hand back to Renault for 2016.

Renault meanwhile opted to purchase the Lotus team and return to Formula One as a fully fledged manufacturer.

Renault now have the focus of a Formula One manufacturer in their own right, whilst Red Bull have teamed up with TAG Heuer to rebrand their engine.

Those changes seem to have benefited everyone and Red Bull Racing now have a legitimate claim to being the best-of-the-rest behind Mercedes, especially since the victory for Max Verstappen and the nearly win for Daniel Ricciardo.

For Canada, the upgraded Renault engine which was used in Monaco, will really be able to show its potential and show even further gains for RBR.

‘I think Renault have done a good job and obviously the gains have come in the power unit, There has been approximately 0.2s [improvement per lap in Monte Carlo], so hopefully that will translate to a bit more when we get to circuits like Montreal and Azerbaijan.

‘It has been a positive step and, without it, we would not have achieved the pole position [in Monaco].’
Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner told