Date: 26th January 2015 at 11:23am
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If Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone had one wish, it would be to change the current engine formula of F1.

At the end of the 2013 season Formula One moved into a new era.

The old fashioned aspirated v8 engines were dumped, in favour of a more relevant v6 turbo-hybrid power unit.

The change was pushed for by Renault and supported by Honda who return to the sport in 2015.

Ferrari were also involved in every step of the regulations change, but it was Mercedes who came out on top.

For years they looked towards the 2014 season as the start of a new era, that vision was what made Lewis Hamilton decide in 2012 to switch from McLaren to Mercedes ahead of the 2013 season despite knowing that it was a full year until Mercedes potential would be realised.

And how was Mercedes potential realised!

Not only did the factory team dominate the 2014 Formula One World Championship, but teams such as Williams also benefited from the design of Mercedes power-unit.

But the switch and loss of noise didn’t please everyone, especially the old guard who are used to the ear piercing screeching of the old v8, v10 and v12 engines.

‘I’d like to see the engine formula changed. If you said to me I have a wish, that’s what I?d wish for,’ Bernie Ecclestone told Sky Sports.

‘Mercedes have done such a good job with this power unit it?s left everyone behind and I can?t see people catching up that quickly.

‘Maybe in three years – we can?t afford to wait three years. Or two years or one year.’

Not only would Ecclestone want a change in the regulations to end Mercedes domination.

The Formula One supremo also wants a change in the regulations to bring back the old noise of F1.

He backs plans for engines with 1,000bhp in future and insists that is what the fans of Formula One really want.

Ecclestone added: ‘I think, genuinely, if it was possible for these engines to produce what the V8s used to produce, that is what would happen. But it?s not possible with this power unit, It?s a magical piece of engineering but in my opinion it?s not what the public really worry about. They want to see good racing and preferably with a lot of noise.’