Date: 18th February 2018 at 10:45am
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The 2018 Formula One World Championship will see 21 Grand Prix held throughout the world.

The new American owners Liberty Media have made no secret of their desire to increase the number of Grand Prix held in each calendar year.

Crucially they have also declared a desire to keep the more traditional European circuits, ones that hold historic value and often hold commercial value as they are popular to visit.

But Formula One would also like to add new venues such as another event in North America, potentially in Las Vegas or Miami.

‘The crucial thing is the quality of the race. There’s no value in just putting the number of races up,’ Ross Brawn F1’s managing director of motorsport told British Airways’ Business Life magazine as quoted by Sky Sports.

‘But if we can provide great races in great locations throughout the world, then we should consider it.

‘I’d love to see in the future a league table of races, where over time we’ve got a waiting list of top-class circuits and promoters that are waiting to get into Formula 1, and then if there’s any race that is not working well, you relegate that and put a strong race in.’