Date: 29th November 2016 at 12:09pm
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The official party line is that Jenson Button will be enjoying a sabbatical from Formula One in 2017.

Sabbaticals are not totally unheard of in Formula One, but they are pretty rare.

The best case of this was Alain Prost’s sabbatical, sitting out a season in Formula One to return in 1993 and win the Formula One World Championship with Williams Renault.

Jenson Button does have a contract with McLaren for 2017 after signing a two-year-deal with McLaren in September, but the feeling around the paddock in Abu Dhabi that this was a retirement and a goodbye send off.

If this was the end the 36-year-old leave the sport with 305 Grand Prix starts, 15 race wins, 50 podiums and the 2009 Formula One World Championship.

His final race coincidently ended with yet another retirement for his McLaren Honda.

Strangely though this wasn’t a fault with the Honda power-unit, instead it was a mechanical fault after Button had clattered a high kerb.

‘So many special moments. Tough moments as well, which we all go through, but also great ones.

‘Finishing early is not a negative; take it for what it is. I get to see these guys earlier rather than later and really celebrate a long career ? 305 grands prix.’
Button told