Date: 20th June 2016 at 8:58am
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After watching his 2016 Formula One title lead drop from 43 points to 9 over the course of a couple of weeks, Rosberg hit back in the best way possible with a win in Baku.

With championship rival and Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton, firstly struggling to hook up a complete lap around the complicated street track and starting tenth, the Brit and three-time F1 Champion could only recover to 5th following an engine mode setting halting his charge through the field.

Rosberg had a similar issue, but was able to flick a switch to recover, whilst Hamilton was left trying to fight his ‘PS4 player settings’, whilst driving a car at 220mph [faster if he could have found the correct setting], inches away from concrete barriers.

Rosberg galloped off into the sunset with the victory and the points.

‘Of course, for me the weekend went perfectly: qualifying, race, everything to plan, so it was really awesome. he told

He added: ‘It?s been a great and awesome weekend, really, yeah. Everything went cleanly, y?know, from the beginning to the end. And even in the race, it was a special feeling out there in the car because it felt like I could do whatever I wanted the thing would just stick to the line, stick to the ground, there was no risk of making mistakes or anything. It felt really, really special and I?m very, very happy. It?s been an awesome result, first time here, y?know, I think it?s been a big success. The track is exciting, definitely, and a lot of overtaking also today I hear ? I think, I?m not sure but I think so ? so all in all good.

Rosberg’s lead in the championship is now 24 points.