Date: 10th October 2016 at 6:16pm
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Lewis Hamilton spent the majority of the weekend in Japan making it clear just how rosy things are between the triple world champion and Mercedes.

The Brit went on a charm offensive over social media, highlighting the importance of various people within the team that have given him a car worthy of winning both the 2014 and 2015 Formula One World Championships.

Hamilton made this obvious move following an embarrassing couple of days following his engine blow up in Malaysia.

Hamilton made reference to ‘someone or something’ not wanting him to win the championship this season and many interpreted this as a slight on the team, especially many in the media.

Following that incident and the rather harsh reaction to Hamilton engaging with fans via the social media platform Snapchat during the Japanese press conference, Hamilton went on the attack with the media walking out of one later press conference.

His relationship with the media appears to be in a poor state of affairs, but it would seem his relationship or at least his communication with his team is also struggling.

Following a last ditch move to get past Max Verstappen in the Japanese Grand Prix, Hamilton had to settle for third.

The young Dutchman as he is infamously now known, put a late move under-breaking to block Hamilton going into the final chicane.

It was the type of move that has upset a number of drivers and teams. Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen would have been apoplectic if it had happened to him again.

But the feeling is not shared by Hamilton, who moved to reject reports that Mercedes had issued a complaint regarding the block.

‘There is no protest from either myself or Mercedes. One idiot said we have but it’s not true. Max drove well, end of. We move on.’ Hamilton wrote on Twitter according to Sky Sports.

Embarrassingly however, Mercedes had launched an appeal, forcing Hamilton to later backtrack.

‘Just heard the team had [protested] but I told them it is not what we do. We are champions, we move on. End of!’

Mercedes later confirmed their appeal had been withdrawn.