Date: 23rd July 2017 at 7:20am
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Formula One needs more engine suppliers, the politics between Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda holds back the sport.

In recent years we have seen both Red Bull Racing and McLaren struggle for success.

Two teams, each capable of dominating the sport held back due to a engines.

Red Bull Racing dominated the sport with Renault and Sebastian Vettel, winning four consecutive drivers and constructors titles.

But the move to the V6 Turbo Hybrid era saw Renault, despite their involvement in actually writing the regulations, get caught out and they have been playing catch-up to both Mercedes and Ferrari even since.

McLaren decided that they couldn’t regularly chase for race victories and titles as a customer of Mercedes, they needed a partnership with their own engine supplier and made the ill-fated move to Honda.

Both Red Bull Racing and McLaren have tried to break out of their contracts with Renault and Honda at different times, but both have found it impossible to strike a deal with either Mercedes or Ferrari.

With no other options on the grid, it leaves the teams in limbo as the two manufacturers move to dominate the sport, leaving the other teams behind.

In 2021 Formula One looks set for a change in power-unit regulations.

It is expected that the new regulations will still be based upon V6 Turbo-Hybrid’s, but ones which are much cheaper to produce.

Cosworth have been involved in talks over these new regulations and have reported this is due to them eyeing a return.

In 2021 Cosworth would have been absent from the sport for 8 years after ending their relationship with Marussia in 2013.

‘We appreciate being involved in the process. We think we are well suited to come back into F1 if the engine regulations should change, and the compelling change has to be with the heat energy recovery [from the turbo] ? because that is the most expensive and time-consuming element. Cosworth CEO Hal Reisiger told .

‘If F1 wants a new engine supplier for 2021 there will have to be some changes on that front. We have been invited to participate in the working committees which we are happy to do, so we are engaged in the process and looking forward to it.’