Date: 5th September 2014 at 8:48am
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Whilst the media packed in to the F1 drivers press conference for the perfect sound bite ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, it was the BBC who obtained the quote of the weekend so far.

As Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton faced the media together in the drivers press conference, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso in good spirits acting as ‘peace maker’. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff declared that Mercedes would not be opposed to dropping one of their drivers if they couldn’t work together.

‘We would have to take decisions and take the consequences of having a different line-up,’ Wolff sensationally told the BBC.

‘If we are not able to manage the two of them following the Mercedes-Benz spirit then we need to admit that,’ he added.

Has this potential punishment already been declared to the drivers?

Was this mentioned in the recent briefing between the two team-mates alongside Wolff and Paddy Lowe?

If it has, it’s hardly a surprise that Nico Rosberg immediately took responsibility for the incident and apologised to Hamilton?

‘When you are managing a team it is very important to keep it balanced. I would very much like the penalties we have been implementing to stay within the team because it is just not fair on the driver to discuss that in public.

‘We have made it very clear this is an unacceptable scenario for us, for both of them. We don’t want this to happen ever again.’
Wolff concluded.

Rosberg takes a 29-point lead into the Italian Grand Prix, the largest gap the 2014 Formula One World Championship has seen to-date.

Mercedes hold a 157-point lead over Red Bull Racing in the constructors championship.