Date: 5th February 2015 at 8:37am
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With the circuit in Jerez being pretty unique there is really nothing to gain from analysing the times set by the Formula One teams over the past four days.

The fact that Ferrari power has topped all four sessions is intriguing and could well be pointing towards a much improved power-unit from the Italian manufacturer, but it’s still far too early to really tell.

What was clear was that Mercedes were only interested in long run performance, attempting to iron out the reliability problems they suffered during their all conquering 2014 season.

The Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg pounded around the Spanish track relentlessly, completed 1,420 miles over the four days. More than any other team in the paddock.

That tally was certainly in contrast to what McLaren Honda could manage.

With a brand new power-plant, 12 months behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault in development the team were always going to be playing catch-up both in this test and probably throughout 2015.

On day four of the test Jenson Button completed the most laps that McLaren had seen on a single day, 35.

That boosted the total of miles run to 217.

A tally which meant that for every lap McLaren Honda completed, Mercedes would complete an addition 6.5.

The McLaren Honda is yet to show whether or not it’s particularly quick either.

The team and the Japanese manufacturer believe that it will be, but on all four days they set the slowest time.

There appears to be few positives, but it would appear that McLaren Honda are still happy with their performance.

‘Our prime objective coming away from this test was to ascertain that the main car architecture worked, and we?ve done that,’ McLaren engineering director Matt Morris told

‘…we were still able to get on with our aero programme – obtaining correlation data for the guys back at the factory, just so we can check that everything?s working as we expected.

?Additionally, Jenson?s been able to give Honda some really good feedback – he?s been constantly providing analysis after every run. That?s to be expected: it?s a new power unit, so there?s a lot of information that being sent back to Japan, and Honda are constantly upgrading the car.

?We head to Barcelona hopeful of further refining and developing the package.?