Date: 28th November 2013 at 9:04am
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Outspoken Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo is often in the media making his views public.

Quite often, they are obviously heavily biased towards Ferrari and on this occasion his remarks coincidently coincide with an incident where he feels Ferrari have been wronged.

But whilst the timing of his comments is convenient, the points he raises are valid.

The 66-year-old was talking to Italy’s RAI television channel as quoted by the BBC, regarding the rough injustice that he and Felipe Massa believed they received in Brazil.

Massa was given a drive through penalty for cutting the line at the pit-lane entry on the last corner, the Brazilian driver was penalised as he continued to cut the corner even after receiving a warning.

But the Ferrari president didn’t just argue that he thought the penalty for Massa was wrong, he also believed that the drive through penalty incurred by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was also the wrong decision.

Hamilton was adjudged to have caused the collision which forced the Williams of Bottas to retire, but Di Montezemolo described the penalties as ‘disproportionate and unjust’.

He went on to imply that he believed the FIA should look at how the race stewards are selected.

‘Every so often, the gentlemen who come to the races to act as stewards make decisions that are a bit ridiculous and anachronistic. he said.

‘One needs to be careful that we maintain credibility, for the work of the teams that invest money and for the drivers who risk their lives.’

Surely the only way to ‘maintain credibility’ is for the decisions to be consistent and if that’s the case, then surely the best way would be to have the same race stewards at every Grand Prix? Which is a valid idea as it’s quite often the inconsistency of the decisions which annoys the teams and the fans.

‘A strong sporting authority is always a priority for Ferrari,’ he concluded.