Date: 8th September 2016 at 8:19am
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The Formula One teams and drivers have made their tyre selections for the Singapore Grand Prix weekend.

The new three compound tyre regulations from Formula One and Pirelli have worked brilliantly this season.

The drivers and teams have to secretly make their selections weeks in advance and are then locked in with their selections, this has made for some interesting tyre strategies highlighted most recently at the Austrian Grand Prix and Belgian Grand Prix.

Although in Italy the choices proved disappointing as the degradation prevented Hamilton from ever having a chance of chasing down Rosberg.

For Singapore, the Pirelli compounds available are the yellow striped soft tyre, the red striped super-soft tyre and the new for 2016 purple marked ultra-soft compound.

Once again there are various combinations of compounds that the drivers have opted for with some drivers going for just one set of soft tyres, whilst others have gone for four sets of those tyres.

Selections for super-soft vary from two sets to five, whilst ultra-soft vary from six sets to nine, indicating that the purple ultra-soft tyre could be the tyre of choice for the race.

For this race 6 teams have gone for the same selection of tyres for both drivers, whilst 5 teams including both Mercedes and Ferrari have gone for different selections per driver.

At Mercedes, their drivers are now separated by just two points in the 2016 Formula One World Championship.

Hamilton holds that tiny lead and he has gone for 3 sets of soft, 3 sets of super-soft and 7 sets of ultra-soft, team-mate Rosberg has gone for one extra set of softs and one less super-soft.

At Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel 2 sets of soft, 2 sets of super-soft and 9 sets of ultra-soft with Kimi Raikkonen one less soft tyre and one extra super-soft tyre.

At Williams, Felipe Massa has 1 sets of soft, 4 sets of super-soft and 8 sets of ultra-soft and Valterri Bottas has one extra set of softs and one less of the super-softs.

McLaren have gone for the same combination for both Button and Alonso as Bottas.

Red Bull Racing, who have gone with 2 sets of soft, 4 sets of super-soft and 7 sets of ultra-soft for both Ricciardo and Verstappen.

At Force India, both Perez and Hulkenberg have got 4 sets of soft, 3 sets of super-soft and 6 sets of ultra-soft and at Renault both drivers have 1 sets of soft, 5 sets of super-soft and 7 sets of ultra-soft.

At Toro Rosso, both drivers have the same combination as Felipe Massa of 1 sets of soft, 4 sets of super-soft and 8 sets of ultra-soft.

The same combo applies for Nasr at Sauber, while team-mate Ericsson has gone for the same combo as Kimi Raikkonen.

Manor are the only team to have gone for three sets of the soft tyre complimented by 4 sets of super-soft and 6 sets of ultra-soft.

Whilst Haas have gone with the same combination as Vettel for Grosjean, whilst Gutierrez has gone down the same path as Ericsson and Raikkonen.