Date: 26th June 2014 at 10:34am
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Despite talk of two new teams entering Formula One, the sports supremo Bernie Ecclestone wouldn’t be bothered if the grid actually shrank in size.

The addition of potentially two new teams in Formula One was seen as good news by the majority, the thought of 26 cars lining up on the grid at the start of a Grand Prix seems a much more exciting prospect than 20 or less for the majority of those who take an interest in F1.

But apparently not for Ecclestone, who appears fed up with talk of teams struggling financially in Formula One.

‘In fact, I would be happy [if we lost teams]. It’s like a poker game. You don’t know the other players.

‘They should not be in the game. You should not be in this business if you cannot afford it.’
Ecclestone told Autosport Magazine.

A pretty unsympathetic approach from Bernie considering the ongoing talks of cost-cutting measures in Formula One as the teams argue how its best to lower the costs of running in the glamorous world of Formula One.