Date: 23rd April 2015 at 9:01am
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Formula One will alter the rules on engines according to Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner.

As part of the new engine regulations introduced in 2014, the number of engines a driver was permitted to use in 2015 was suppose to drop from five to four.

The idea behind this regulation was so that the manufacturers developed more reliable engines in a bid to cut costs.

The thought that once the engines had been designed and developed they would then have a long life and future development costs would be limited.

However engine reliability has been a major issue in Formula One this season and so the teams have unanimously decided to revert back to the five engine rule.

‘We unanimously agreed on it in Malaysia,That was all the teams, including Bernie Ecclestone, so it only has to formally go through the strategy group and permission to be signed, and that can be done by fax vote.’ Horner told Sky Sports.

The timing of the change would be ideal for Red Bull Racing, as Daniel Ricciardo edges closer to a penalty without the alteration to the regulations.

The Australian lost his third Renault engine in four races when he crossed the line in Bahrain in a cloud of smoke.

Horner continued: ‘It was a fairly spectacular finish, failing 200 metres before the line, but he had enough momentum to cross it.

‘I think that engine will be a coffee table in the future! But that’s three out of four, so he will be on engine four for the next race in Barcelona.’