Date: 12th March 2012 at 2:48pm
Written by:

This is a poem dedicated to a good friend of mine and to all F1 fans.

This is a poem dedicated to a good friend of mine and to all F1 fans.

I’m sure we’re all feeling like this right about now….

Just days away

From the first Grand Prix

There’s nowhere else

I’d rather be

Then here with you

In Albert Park

From first morning light

Till after dark

Seems like forever

Since the last race

Now a new championship

Is about to give chase

Pre-season tests have come to an end

There’s no time left

For teams to lend


And TV crews

Reporters ready

To share their views

Almost everyone

Is already here

Photographers itching

To use their gear

Paul Hembery brought New Pirelli tyres

It’s the second season

They’re official suppliers

As teams arrive

And setup shop

Their quest begins

To reach the top

Screens and speakers

Have been connected

Concession stands

Are being erected

Grandstands up

As is expected

All viewing angles

Have been perfected

Race Marshals

Have been selected

Briefed and trained

And well-directed

Health and Safety

Drills are done

All systems Go

There’s no dry run

The F1 BUZZ Is in the air

Team flags and colours

Are everywhere

My nerves are shot

I just can’t wait

To hear those cars

Down the main straight

So let me ask,

You ready for this?

When the lights go out

It’s F1 Bliss

Author: Ernie Black



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