Date: 27th June 2014 at 9:15am
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Formula One’s intended plan to excite the fans with standing re-starts appears to have disappointed many of the drivers.

The FIA’s World Motor Sport Council approved plans to introduce standing re-starts following safety car periods from next season.

They will not take place every time, for instance, they will not take place within two laps of the start or a restart and will not be used during the final five laps of a Grand Prix.

It was thought the proposal would add something to the spectacle of Formula One for the spectators and worldwide audience. But it hasn’t been welcomed by the drivers.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton hadn’t even heard of the proposal until it was approved and believes that the drivers should have been consulted.

?That?s the first I?ve heard of it, so I guess I really need some time to reflect on how it would work, But ultimately, it can?t hurt anyone to have the drivers? opinions on certain things and obviously involve us because we?re in the car. he told Sky Sports.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso wasn’t bothered by the change: ?When I arrived in single seaters the restarts were like [they are currently].

?In go-karts, when there was a red flag or something, we?d have a normal start again with the lights.

?I did both and it makes no difference, I think, to me. I don?t have any preference.?

But current Formula One championship leader Nico Rosberg was strongly against the plan.

?I understand that the start is one of the most exciting times for the fans, but it sounds very extreme and I hope that it?s not going to be done. It?s going too far with things,?

?I like pure racing the way it?s been for the last 50 years. I don?t really want to see such a huge change to do another start. It?s a bit strange. My natural opinion at the moment is that it should stay the way it is now.?

Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo agreed adding: ‘For me that?s a bit too artificial because if you?re leading the race by ten seconds and the Safety Car comes out then you lose your advantage that you?ve built up. You keep your position but you still lose something.

?If it goes to a standing start, the chance of not having a great start is pretty high, so you could go from first to fourth. It?s just a bit too much of a disadvantage for someone who earned the lead in the first place.