Date: 17th November 2015 at 8:44am
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In 2017, Formula One is suppose to be everything we’ve wanted it to be.

There is likely to be new engine regulations, something that is cheaper to run which will hopefully make more teams competitive.

The cars are suppose to be faster and look sexier and more aggressive, the kind of cars you would have wanted on your bedroom wall as a child.

But Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel appear to have serious concerns about the current state of Formula One and do not appear to be overly enthusiastic about the plans.

The duo are in the two most dominant teams in Formula One, Mercedes and Ferrari. The two main manufacturers of the sport and currently the two teams that boss the sport both on the track and off it.

Between Hamilton and Vettel they have won seven of the last eight Formula One World Championships.

Everything in the sport is in their favour and yet both have spoken out about the lack of ‘racing’ in motor racing.

Their comments come following the Brazilian Grand Prix where Hamilton was frustrated that in identical cars on a track that was difficult to get close to team-mate Nico Rosberg he was unable to overtake despite being quicker.

‘At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what we say because it can’t happen, The big bosses make the decisions and whether or not they make the right ones for many years, who knows,’

‘Something’s got to change y’know? Because some races you can follow which enables you to have some good racing, obviously places like Austin where there was the last decent race
Hamilton told Sky Sports.

He added: ‘I guess for fans it’s probably not too exciting to watch.

Vettel concurred adding: ‘I think in general what we need to follow another car closer in medium speed, high speed, slow speed corners is more mechanical grip. So shift the percentage between aero – mechanical more towards more mechanical,’

‘How to do that? I think we need better tyres that allow us to go quicker. Drivers want to be quicker. So, I think the solution is very simple.

‘Unfortunately the sport is very political with different interests from different people. Yeah. I think it’s fair enough to give whoever tyre manufacturer, in this case Pirelli, the chance to improve their tyres – but we need to run. But since the responsible people, the teams, whoever, can’t agree on something, it will be difficult to make progress.’