Date: 2nd August 2016 at 2:45pm
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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes the Formula One race stewards are guilty of being too inconsistent.

The Austrian’s comments come following the Germany race stewards decision to hand Nico Rosberg a five-second penalty for his move on Max Verstappen.

Coming down to the hairpin, Rosberg had the speed advantage on Verstappen thanks to Mercedes power and DRS. Verstappen, as he has shown before can be robust in defending and he forced Rosberg to go on the inside at a tight angle.

It was then at this stage that the incident which was under investigation took place.

Rosberg on the inside didn’t appear to turn as early as he could have done to take a more usual line for the corner, this saw his Mercedes run all the way to the outside of the turn and the curb forcing the Red Bull off of the track.

It was similar to the incident with Hamilton where Rosberg collided with Hamilton after robustly defending his position.

On this occasion however it could be argued that if Rosberg had attempted to take a tighter line, he would have locked up and lost control, but the race stewards deemed Rosberg at fault.

‘People get pushed out of the circuit all the time, One is being penalised, the other not. Wolff told

‘So this is what I mean with inconsistent penalties. What’s the remedy? I don’t know.

‘We want to see hard racing, but I can sympathise with a five-second penalty. Not that I am not saying it is completely wrong, it is just important to know if and when and what the penalty is.’

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