Date: 6th March 2017 at 1:35pm
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Despite a record number of Grand Prix for the 2016 Formula One World Championship, viewing figures in the UK crashed to a 12 year low.

The 2016 Formula One World Championship had a record 21 races last season and had a Brit gunning for the title until the season finale.

However the switch from BBC to Channel 4 for 50% of the races, along with the other half of the races behind the paywall on Sky Sports has really affecting the viewing figures.

According to a report by, which have taken their figures from The Independent, UK viewership across the season fell by 5 million to 21.8 million viewers.

Worldwide audiences are not much better with a loss of over 130 million since 2010.

F1’s new owners Liberty Media however are still backing the paywall approach to provide income, which includes Formula One moving exclusively to Sky Sports from 2019.