Date: 6th January 2018 at 4:34pm
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In 2018, Formula One regulations stipulate that teams will only be allowed three power-units before being hit with penalties.

In 2017 the regulations allowed for four power-units and that provided hard enough for the likes of Honda and Renault who suffered numerous grid penalties throughout the season.

Some within Formula One attempted to make a change to the regulations, but the move would need unanimous approval and with a performance advantage Ferrari Sergio Marchionne wasn’t willing to discuss the issue at the last Formula One strategy meeting.

Speaking prior to the announcement that he would be leaving the role, former Honda’s Formula 1 project lead Yusuke Hasegawa was critical of the rules to which Formula One manufacturers Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda are working to.

?It?s very tough, It?s not just for us. Renault had difficulties. I don?t think it?s reasonable. From a technical point of view, it?s difficult. he told

It means that the first priority of designing the power-unit is reliability, over a 21 race season, each power-unit component has to last for seven races.

There is little point in it being quick if it retires before the chequered flag, but equally it is called motor racing for a reason…….

?At this moment, we need to concentrate on reliability, to get an engine to do seven races, But we need to improve performance too.

?It?s good we have a baseline. We need to confirm the current engine is OK. As soon as we confirm that, we?ll do the next step.?