Date: 18th May 2015 at 9:26am
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The Formula One Strategy Group has proposed a variety of changes to F1 from 2016 and 2017.

As previously reported, the idea that Formula One teams can select their own two compounds from Pirelli for a Grand Prix weekend could come into affect from as early as next season.

Under the current regulations, Formula One tyre manufacturer Pirelli select the two dry weather tyre compounds that all of the teams must use during the race.

Pirelli make these selections factoring in track layout, conditions, surface and temperature ranges.

But what if the teams could make their own choices? It would certainly create extra variety with the potential to mix up the field from race-to-race, as teams perhaps select a tyre to qualify better before taking an early pit-stop. Or take the polar opposite approach to run longer in the race and not worry so much about grid position.

Or teams could select tyres that they feel they can run faster on, rather than having long stints in the race where they have to look after the tyres rather than race 100%.

The other proposals will not take affect until 2017.

These include changing the regulations to make the cars look more ‘aggressive’, raising the engine rev limit to 1000 brake horsepower in a bid to increase noise, faster cars via aerodynamic rules changes, wider tyres and reduction of car weight and the most eye brow raising suggestion: Reintroduction of refuelling.

Refuelling during races was banned in Formula One five years ago for a multitude of reasons, including cost and safety.

However the strategy group has now suggested a return to refuelling, in a bid to add the excitement and unpredictability of the pit-stops as well as enabling the cars to run lighter.