Date: 9th July 2014 at 9:05am
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Formula One teams could face an immediate ban on their current suspension systems.

According to a note published by Autosport Magazine FIA Formula One Race Director Charlie Whiting believes that all of the Formula One teams are currently breaking the regulations with the use of their Front-and-Rear Interconnected Suspension systems known as FRIC.

In the report Whiting said: ‘Having now seen and studied nearly every current design of front to rear linked suspension system we, the FIA, are formally of the view that the legality of all such systems could be called into question.’

Whiting believes that the FRIC system could be in breach of article 3.15 of F1’s technical regulations as the suspension systems can help control pitch and roll of the car which would be seen as a moveable aerodynamic device which are banned.

Autosport Magazine have reported that the FIA are open to a suspension of the ban for the remainder of the 2014 Formula One World Championship due to a lack of testing time ahead of Hockenheim.

However this would require a consensus among teams, who of course will all analyse who has the most to lose from banning the current system and whether or not they themselves would gain an advantage on their rivals with the systems outlawed.

Unanimous support is required for a delay otherwise the ban will come into force at the next race in Germany with any team running a FRIC system being at risk of being reported to the stewards.

So who is at risk?

Whilst Renault [now Lotus] were the first team to introduce Front-and-Rear Interconnected Suspension in 2008, Autosport believe it is Mercedes who have developed the system the most and has the most to lose from a ban.