Date: 14th January 2018 at 8:04pm
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Will Formula One’s new owners Liberty Media alienate the current participants of the sport whilst the chase new entrants?

Aston Martin are just one of a few car manufacturers considering an entry into Formula One in 2021.

The reason for the specific date, is because that is the year that there will be a complete overhaul of the current power unit and engine regulations for that season.

The current V6 Turbo-Hybrid engines are set to be replaced, with yet to be agreed, but louder, potentially more powerful and certainly cheaper, power-units.

The problem of course with Formula One is getting across the broad agreement.

Both Mercedes and Ferrari are competitive and have the leading engines in the field, even Renault have notably closed the gap, so why would they endorse dramatic change and lose their competitive advantage?

Aston Martin, who are participating in the working groups, would like to see cheaper engines to develop and manufacture and Liberty Media certainly appear to favour that route.

However FIA President Jean Todt has warned against rubbing the current competitors up the wrong way.

‘What I feel would be unfair would be to undervalue the existing engine suppliers involved, and listen to those who may think they will come,’ Todt told

‘For me, it is important in light of the existing situation to see what will be the best evolution of the engine for the future, but by respecting the investments of those who have made the investments so far.’

He did however state that he believed changes should be made.

‘I think it is too expensive. But it is probably a very good first step to go to a next generation of engine, which will be one evolution from what we have now.

‘I am against starting on a completely new development of engine but I think we should take what we have understood with this engine and allow the actual manufacturers who have been investing heavily to be able to enjoy what they have been investing for the next generation of engine, and also encourage newcomers to come.’