Date: 12th August 2017 at 10:03am
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Could Formula One introduce some standardised parts to the cars in a bid to cut costs?

Formula One bosses have often contradicted themselves.

They want the costs of Formula One to decrease, but they don’t want to mess around the with DNA and fabric of the sport.

Formula One is seen as the pinnacle of motorsport, not just for the drivers, but also for the manufacturers and technology.

Aerodynamics are seen as cutting edge, with the technology spreading to every day life and other sports.

Technology on Formula One cars will eventually filter through to your road car.

The sport doesn’t want to lose that aspect of itself, but neither does it want to be so financially expensive that it prevents other manufacturers from entering the sport or that it prevents the established hierarchy of the sport competing at the level they so wish.

The most obvious example is Ferrari’s Formula One budget of £330million last year compared to Force India spending £90million.

A budget cap simply wouldn’t work, but what about standardising some parts so that costs in that area are controlled and managed?

?We?re not looking to standardise the car ? we think it is very important to continue to have a sport that is competition married to state of the art technologies.

?We?re not looking to dumb the cars down, but I think we can standardise components of it.

?We are certainly looking for ways to address what some of the teams in particular spend that would improve the overall economics of the business and enable everybody in it to benefit, as well as improving the competition.?
F1 CEO Chase Carey told

He added: ‘It is certainly our goal to address those costs, and we think the sport will on many levels benefit from that.?