Date: 1st August 2014 at 8:21am
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Ferrari have confirmed that engine designer Luca Marmorini has left the team.

In a week of rumour and conjecture surrounding Ferrari’s Director of Engineering Pat Fry leaving the team and then the news being denied by Ferrari, a clear sign of some management restructuring is taking place at Ferrari.

52-year-old Marmorini was the man who oversaw the design and development of Ferrari’s 2014 power unit.

With all the regulation changes in 2014 surrounding the power-unit and engines, most people in Formula One had expected that the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari would be dominating the season.

The two manufacturers should have been at an advantage with the resources at their disposal, but whilst Mercedes have clearly made the most of the situation there is despair at Maranello as yet another season passes Ferrari by.

Mercedes appear to have the perfect package, it might sometimes lack reliability, but performance wise its streaks ahead of the competition.

Whist Ferrari have struggled appearing to lack horse-power, whilst using more fuel and reportedly is overweight.

‘Ferrari announces that, as of today, Luca Marmorini, Director of the Engine and Electronics department, is leaving the company,’ the statement read as quoted by Sky Sports.

‘As part of the restructuring of the Power Unit department, Mattia Binotto will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer.

‘James Allison, Technical Director, continues to be responsible for the entire car project, supported by Nikolas Tombazis, Chief Designer Chassis, and Lorenzo Sassi, Chief Designer Power Unit.’

One notable exemption from the named personnel is Pat Fry, which no doubt will once again stoke the fires of speculation regarding his future.