Date: 16th February 2016 at 11:23am
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This morning will hear the noise of 2016 begin in Formula One.

It might not be as ear blowingly loud as previous seasons, but hopefully the on track action will be more exciting than ever.

The season will stretch 21 Grand Prix for the first time in its history and Ferrari are hoping to create a battle between Formula One’s two power house teams at the front of the F1 grid.

After two years of domination from Mercedes, leading to Lewis Hamilton becoming a three-time Formula One World Champion, 2016 is suppose to provide the Brit with a sterner challenge.

Team-mate Nico Rosberg has put up a gallant battle, but a battle from Ferrari and two former F1 World Champions is a battle of greater substance and excitement.

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has been very vocal in his views in the media, wanting his team to hit the ground running and winning as soon as the latest Ferrari is unleashed.

Four-time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel has tried to play down Ferrari’s hopes, claiming that it’s a long hard season ahead.

But whilst we know that the German is being realistic, it’s not what Marchionne wants to hear, with the Ferrari president desperate to end a run which spans back to Kimi Raikkonen’s last drivers title in 2007, with the constructors title not won by Ferrari since 2008.

The thought of a decade run of no championships for Ferrari is not something Marchionne wants to contemplate.

Not just on a sporting level, but also for the brand of Ferrari.

‘If we were to string together victories in F1 then it would improve our brand,’

‘I was speaking with one of our car dealerships and we agreed that the results of 2015 helped bring back credibility to the brand.

‘If we were to somehow fail to win a title over a 10-year span it would be a tragedy.’
Marchionne told Italian media.