Date: 17th June 2014 at 8:32am
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Despite the rumours to the contrary, Ferrari remain fully committed to Formula One.

With the news that Ferrari have called for the leaders of Formula One to discuss the sports future and the Italian manufacturers ever increasing interest in sports cars, Ferrari insist that it’s primary focus in motorsport is Formula One.

‘Le Mans is an attractive platform which we continue to monitor but Formula 1 has been Ferrari’s life for over half a century and our present focus is on returning to a consistent winning form. Ferrari spokesman Renato Bisignani told Autosport Magazine.

‘Behind the scenes there is much going on and the efforts of Montezemolo, coupled by Marco Mattiacci’s new leadership, are concentrated solely on this front.’

Ferrari have been very vociferous in their opposition to the new era of Formula One, since the engine rule changes.

Ferrari have remained uncompetitive since the rule regulations and initially tried to complain about the racing, despite it proving popular with fans.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo believes that Formula One is failing to connect to the fans and sponsors, with television viewing figures dropping across Europe.

He has called for a meeting, potentially to be held at Ferrari’s Maranello factory in September with Bernie Ecclestone, Donald McKenzie [from F1’s parent company CVC] and other F1’s stakeholders, which would include teams, media, television companies, and race promoters.

di Montezemolo would also like to invite social media companies Google and Apple to the meeting as those global companies are currently not involved in Formula One.

Bisignani added: ‘It is natural for Ferrari to exercise a proactive approach and discussions are ongoing at the appropriate levels,

‘There is a need to act collectively with the sport’s key stakeholders and to reflect on the bigger picture, with constructive critics in the interests of the sport, with an eye towards technology and another one towards the show.

‘Formula 1 has been built over the years into a unique marketing and sporting platform and it must now consolidate its ability to attract global sponsors, engage with fans and make racing more exciting.’