Date: 8th June 2016 at 7:03am
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The speculation ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix was accurate, Ferrari will introduce an upgraded engine in the next race.

Ferrari came into the 2016 Formula One World Championship believing that this was the season that they would challenge Mercedes.

But it hasn’t quite worked out that way, in fact, despite Red Bull Racing competing with a re-branded Renault engine it was they who were best placed to take the victory when Mercedes slipped up and in Monaco, once again Red Bull proved they are now the best-of-the-rest.

This comes despite major updates to the car in Russia, including a new front wing and using three of their remaining engine tokens for improvements to the V6 Turbo-Hybrid power-unit in a bid to improve performance and reliability issues. suggested the changes to the power-unit were to improve the combustion of the engine, with modifications hoping to help the turbo perform better, increasing horsepower and also improving the efficiency of the Energy Recovery System.

If this brought any improvements, it hasn’t been overly noticeable and now Ferrari spending a further three engine tokens to once again improve the turbo.

The new turbo will be used by Sebastian Vettel as he uses his third power unit of the season.

The new turbo should, in theory, recoup more energy with the MGU-H, giving a pace boost particularly with the use of the ERS, which would provide a substantial performance increase during qualifying.

?The hybrid system is important [in Canada], because the main straight requires to deliver all the power, and make sure that in the mixed part of the circuit you are correctly recovering the energy and getting the energy storage quite full by the time you accelerate our of the hairpin and onto the main straight.? Ferrari’s Head of Power Unit department Mattia Binotto told

As well as the new turbo, Ferrari will also be using a modified rear suspension, whilst Shell will bring a new fuel to in a bid to improve with the new engine maps.