Date: 21st May 2014 at 7:48am
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You wouldn’t expect Ferrari to say much else, but the Maranello based team do appear confident that they will improve as the season goes on.

Whether or not they will get to a point where they can end the 12-month drought without a Formula One victory is probably unlikely, but with two former Formula One world champions in the car, Ferrari have to improve their form and quickly.

‘For the races that follow Monaco, Canada, Austria, UK and so on, in Maranello we are currently working very hard to introduce a lot of updates to move forward on the F14 T’s performance level to close the gap to the quickest cars,’ Ferrari’s Deputy Chief Designer Simone Resta told Ferrari’s official website as quoted by Sky Sports.

So far this season a third place finish for Fernando Alonso in China has been the best result for Ferrari. Alonso has also finished fourth on two occasions, while Raikkonen has had a seventh place finish twice.

Alonso leads Raikkonen in the F1 championship by 32 points with Kimi Raikkonen so far struggling with the Ferrari F14 T since re-joining Ferrari over the winter.

But the Finn appeared to be positive about the car following the in-season test session in Barcelona last week.

It wasn’t the perfect test session after the Spanish Grand Prix that he may have hoped for. The first day ended after just 21 laps, following a spin and power unit problems.

But for day two, the Ferrari got through a lot of running completing 94 laps and a lot of focus went on improving the teams qualifying pace.

‘Qualifying can have a big effect on the outcome, an area on which we are doing our utmost to improve,’ Raikkonen said.

‘After the last race, we stayed on in Barcelona for the test, which was reasonably positive: we had problems at the start, but by the end, I can say I was pleased with the work we managed to get through.

‘The F14 T is improving and I am sure that, step by step, the results will come, but we must push harder to get them.’