Date: 2nd April 2017 at 6:32pm
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Since 2014, Formula One cars have competed with 1.6 litre V6 Turbo-Hybrid power-units.

The engines replaced the old V8 aspirated engines as Formula One manufacturers wanted to race and compete with relevant technology to the cars they produce for the road.

Unfortunately, with rules designed by committee, the current power-units are expensive to design and build, which is something that has arguably put other manufactures off from entering the market.

So last week, FIA president Jean Todt met with all four current Formula One manufacturers, with representatives from Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda present.

Also present were representatives from manufacturers currently not involved in Formula One, most notably people from the Volkswagen Group which own brands such as VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Ducati, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti.

According to ‘a broad agreement’ was reached to develop cheaper and noisier engines for Formula One for the 2021 season and beyond.

The manufacturers are probably wanting to keep a vast majority of the current technology as they are the ones who shaped the current regulations, but what could make way are the current limitations of fuel consumption.

?I was very pleased with the process, and the fact that so many different stakeholders were able to agree on a direction for the FIA F1 world championship in such an important technical area. Todt said.

?Of course, now we must sit down and work through the fine details of exactly what the 2021 power units will be ? but we have begun on the right foot, and I am looking forward to working through the process to come up with the best decision for Formula 1 into the future.?