Date: 30th July 2013 at 11:54am
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The Hungarian race stewards were busy after Sunday’s race, investigating both Romain Grosjean and Fernando Alonso.

Lotus driver Romain Grosjean had already been given a drive-thru penalty during the race, whilst being told he would be investigated after the race for a second incident.

Eventually the race stewards found him guilty on both cases. The first was for hitting Jenson Button after he had overtaken the McLaren driver. He then ran straight through the chicane following the impact.

The second incident saw the Frenchman complete an excellent manoeuvre to overtake Felipe Massa around the outside of turn four, but in doing so he ran wide at the exit of the corner, something the race stewards decided he had gained an advantage from.

He was given a post-race 20 second penalty, which does not affect his result as he had finished 21.5 seconds ahead of seventh placed Jenson Button.

Meanwhile Fernando Alonso escaped punishment altogether after he had illegally used the DRS on his Ferrari during the Grand Prix.

The race stewards revealed Alonso had used the DRS illegally on three separate occasions during the race because his team had failed to switch the DRS enabling system from the pre-race to the race setting.

This meant that Alonso received ‘DRS enabled’ messages during the race despite not being within one-second of the car in-front which should have activated the overtaking aid.

Once Ferrari released this they told Alonso to only use DRS when told to do so by the team over the radio.

However the race stewards also revealed that while Alonso gained a slight sporting advantage of around one second over the course of the race distance he also ‘suffered a disadvantage by being unable to use DRS on every legitimate occasion’.

So the only punishment handed out to Ferrari for the offence was a fine of ?15,000 which is the sum that Alonso’s fifth-place finish had earned.