Date: 9th February 2016 at 9:36am
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At 31-years-old Lewis Hamilton is no longer the young pup of the Formula One grid.

In fact with the likes of Max Verstappen running around the paddock at just 17-years-old the reigning Formula One World Champion is getting on a bit.

In the past he has said that he would like to go on until the age of 37, however his father Anthony Hamilton believes that his son could go on for another decade.

‘He is only going to get better, he is only going to get stronger, He has another seven to 10 years left in the sport and he is extremely competitive. He is still young so he has quite a few [years] left in him.’ Anthony Hamilton told Sky Sports.

‘I think he has another seven years minimum left in the business. That is bad news for everyone else.’

A resounded confident shot fired at the other drivers in Formula One! And why not, if anyone can be biased it’s your Dad and with Hamilton’s recent record, it’s not even arrogance.

Since the move into the V6 Turbo-Hybrid era in Formula One, Lewis Hamilton has won back-to-back Formula One titles, adding to his 2008 crown whilst at McLaren.

From 38 races in 2014 and 2015, Hamilton has won 21 times and stood on the podium 33 times.

In direct comparison, his team-mate Nico Rosberg has won 11 times and stood on the podium 30 times.

Hamilton has outscored Rosberg by 126 points across 2014 and 2015.

But despite a period of dominance for the Brit, Anthony Hamilton reiterated the stance of his son that he would like to see a more competitive Formula One field.

‘What Lewis doesn’t want to do is run away with it and just win races because the others cars aren’t up to scratch or the other teams are struggling. He wants everyone to be at the same level and he wants to win on merit.

‘He’s winning on merit because he’s in the best team and is doing the best job, but he would like to see other people compete and have to struggle for a win.’