Date: 9th July 2015 at 8:09am
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Suggested changes to Formula One are met with approval by reigning F1 title holder.

The Formula One Strategy Group met at Silverstone and promptly announced a mixture of good ideas and more controversial ideas to change the sport.

Amongst the universally approved good ideas comes the plan to introduce an immediate ban on driver aids, in particular an emphasis on race starts and from 2016 to put the driver in full control of the car in a bid to enhance races ‘excitement and unpredictability’.

The F1 strategy group is made up from representatives of F1’s top six teams, the FIA and commercial rights holders Formula One Management, their other plans included a more controversial idea to change the format of the Formula One race weekend, but the ban on driver aids appeared a popular one.

‘I guess it really depends how they go about doing it. I’m happy, the more control we get the better, At the moment, we release the clutch but the performance is really dictated from the team. They will tell you whether to go up or down on torque modes and all those kind of things and sometimes they calculate it right, sometimes they don’t. And then sometimes there are other problems, like the one I had [in Austria]. Hamilton told Sky Sports.

‘For me, the best starts were when I was back in Formula 3 where you had a clutch. They were more fun back then because I had the control. So if they [the FIA] do it right, it could be good.’