Date: 15th October 2017 at 9:32am
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Many people within Formula One are already contemplating the irony of Japanese manufacturer Honda finally coming good in 2018.

For the good of the sport it is important to have as many competitive manufacturers within Formula One as possible.

The current status quo of Mercedes and Ferrari dominating, means that previous top teams such as Red Bull Racing and McLaren have been left on the backfoot.

Whilst Red Bull Racing, powered by Renault have been able to secure race victories and regular podiums, McLaren with Honda have struggled for regular finishes and top 10’s.

That decision has led to McLaren dumping Honda in favour of Renault, in a drastic bid for improved results and an attempt at keeping Fernando Alonso.

But just as that decision finally became official, Honda have shown potential improvements.

How big those improvements are will be anyone’s guess, but Honda themselves are confident.

‘From the beginning of the season, we have been improving the power unit – not only in terms of performance but also reliability, Since we introduced spec 3.5 engine, I think that level of performance is very close to the Renault. I cannot say it’s better than Renault but the important thing is the reliability is much better.’ said Honda’s Formula 1 project lead Yusuke Hasegawa to

One of the many ideas behind Honda’s lack of development since their return has been the fact that they have completely overhauled the power-unit every season.

However, despite a switch from McLaren to Toro Rosso for 2018, the concept behind the current Honda power-unit this season will continue into next.

‘We’re not close enough, but the gap is very small compared to last year and the first year.’

‘There is no doubt in this current concept, We’re choosing a very similar concept to Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes.

‘There is no reason we can’t achieve the same level of performance with the current concept.’

Whilst Honda will be hoping to prove McLaren wrong in their decision to dump the Japanese supplier, Red Bull Racing will be desperate to see improvements with their sister team as they could be adopting Honda power in 2019.