Date: 28th February 2017 at 8:37am
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The new Formula One cars may have only had one days worth of testing, but Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner has already called for a change to the regulations.

The new aerodynamic regulations for 2017 were fully intended to create a more aggressive and attractive looking formula for spectators.

Wider tyres and cars, lower rear wings, all giving the cars a faster edge and better look to the cars of the recent past.

However, one thing that was not intended was the return of the shark fin, something that 9 of the 10 Formula One teams all launched their cars with.

The shark fin is designed to help channel air flow to the rear wing, something that Horner believes offers marginal gains.

‘I think the cars look fantastic, the only thing that lets them down is the shark fins, It’s something we raised at the Formula 1 Strategy [Group] meeting last year to ask that all teams remove them because it is a pretty marginal performance gain they offer. Horner told Sky Sports.

On day one of the testing, Mercedes, the only team to not launch with a shark fin, introduced their own version meaning all 10 cars on tracks had the controversial fin.

‘In the interests of aesthetics, it was requested they be removed. That went to the F1 Commission and unfortunately it was immediately rejected by the majority of teams.’

‘Hopefully it’s something that can be addressed for next year because the cars look great, it’s just a shame this shark fin has crept in through another loophole in the regulations,’
Horner added.