Date: 8th April 2013 at 8:26am
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Formula One returns to China this weekend, with everyone still firmly debating the events of Malaysia.

The Red Bull team-orders which were ignored by Sebastian Vettel, leading to a big fall out amongst the team and of course the Mercedes team-orders which were adhered to perfectly by their two drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

But while the drivers respected the call from the pit-wall, both drivers questioned the decision with Rosberg wanting to race and Hamilton being embarrassed about being protected.

Then of course there is the internal politics at Mercedes also playing there part. Managerial restructuring has been taking place in the team and the future of 58-year-old Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn has been in question for the past few months.

With that in mind any controversial decisions made by him are going to be analysed with a microscope and some people in the paddock suggested that not everyone in Mercedes was happy with the call.

But Brawn firmly believes that he made the right decision and now has the backing of his team.

‘I think what wasn’t fully appreciated at the time is that we had a situation develop on both cars with fuel. We weren’t comfortable with either car and I could see a scenario with both drivers competing against each other, in a strong way, it is difficult to marry managing the fuel with a full blown fight with your team-mate. Brawn told Sky Sports.

‘I didn’t like having to give the orders I gave in Malaysia, it is not in my sporting nature and the team have demonstrated many times in the fast that we are very happy to let our drivers race each other – over the past few years we have often done that.’

‘I had to make a decision from the pitwall about what we were going to do, Now Niki [Lauda] or Toto [Wolff] might not agree with it, but I had all the information, I had all the facts. I had what I feel was all the information to make that decision and they didn’t and I think they both recognised after the event that it was the correct decision.