Date: 6th June 2016 at 7:20am
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After making its debut in Monaco, Pirelli’s new ultra soft compound tyre will make a return in Canada.

The Italian tyre manufacturer have teams the purple ultra-soft tyre, with the red super-soft and yellow soft tyres.

But unlike in previous Grand Prix weekends, some teams have actually decided against selecting tyres from all three compound selections.

Both Renault drivers, Magnussen and Palmer have opted for zero sets of super-soft tyres, instead going for 5 sets of soft and 8 sets of ultra-soft.

The Haas drivers of Grosjean and Gutierrez have also passed on the red striped tyres and have instead gone very attacking with 3 sets of soft and 10 sets of ultra-soft.

As you work your way down the grid there are a number of different selections, which should lead towards interesting tyre strategy throughout the weekend.

The Mercedes pair have gone for 3 softs, 2 super-softs and 8 ultra-softs, Ferrari have gone with 3 softs, 3 super-softs and 7 ultra-softs, McLaren and Manor have gone with 3 softs, 4 super-softs and 6 ultra-softs.

Red Bull Racing and Force India have gone slightly more conservative with their selections with RBR going for 4 softs, 2 super-softs and 7 ultra-softs and Force India going for 4 softs, 3 super-softs and 6 ultra-softs.

At Williams Massa and Bottas have gone for differing selections.

Massa has gone for the same selections as Ferrari, whilst Bottas has gone for 1 less set of softs and an extra set of super-softs.

Toro Rosso and Sauber have also gone for similar to Bottas with just the 2 sets of soft, with Toro Rosso going for 4 super-softs and 7 ultra-softs and Sauber 5 super-softs and 6 ultra-softs.

With such wide selection options the midfield battle could be very intriguing especially between the likes of Haas and Renault going for no super-softs, whilst Sauber will have 5 sets.