Date: 12th August 2017 at 10:30am
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Is Formula One at threat from the emerging FIA Formula E series?

Having just completed its third season, Formula E has never been so popular, with manufacturers.

Whilst the new series is yet to really capture the viewing public’s imagination, it has captured the motor industry manufacturers.

Formula E has now spent three years racing in front of sparse crowds and struggling for viewing figures.

But over the next few years it will boast far more manufacturers that Formula One.

It already has Renault, Jaguar and Audi involved, soon BMW will join the fold and they will soon be followed by Mercedes and Porsche.

With the latter two opting to quit established series DTM [German Touring Cars] and the World Endurance Championship to concentrate their efforts on Formula E.

So whilst the racing and viewership is not at a standard to inflict too much damage on Formula One, the technology aspect has got manufacturers interest perked and they’ve entered into Formula E.

Does this mean that Formula One should head into another direction?

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner believes that Formula 1 is at a crossroads, where it needs to make that decision.

Leave the technology to Formula E and leave the entertainment to Formula One.

But isn’t that a threat to the DNA and fabric of the pinnacle of motorsport? If it doesn’t have the global manufacturers seeing Formula One as the be all and end all, then what will make Formula One any different to any other motorsport series?

‘I still see F1 in a very good place ? it is the pinnacle of motorsport, I think FE is trending at the moment ? everyone wants to be part of this electric movement, which is fully understandable. But when there are seven or eight manufacturers involved, not all can win. Haas team boss Gunther Steiner told

‘At the moment they are not attracting a lot of spectators so I don’t know how they can create revenue. It is difficult enough for F1 to create revenue, and this is a sport that has been here a long time. All the best drivers are here.’

He added: ‘I see it [FE] as an additional series, but I don’t see it as a threat. The easiest way, if it is a threat, we would just put electric motors in these [F1 cars] ? because we have got a platform. Whatever happens, it will be F1.