Date: 3rd November 2015 at 8:55am
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Are there just days remaining to resolve Red Bull’s engine crisis and save the team?

In the midst of Red Bull Racing’s power struggle with Renault some very important people have been somewhat forgotten.

In amongst all the posturing and gesturing between Red Bull Racing and Renault, both sides have lost support.

Renault have been seen as the manufacturer that got caught out by new engine regulations that they themselves helped to write, whilst Red Bull Racing have been seen as the sore losers, throwing their toys out of the pram and threatening to take their ball home with them now that they’ve stopped winning and quit the sport.

Caught in the middle are the thousands of employees at Milton Keynes who as yet do not know what their future holds.

Red Bull Racing have served noticed on Renault to end their contract at the end of the season, cutting short a deal which was set to run until the end of 2016.

At the moment the team have no engines for next season.

‘We are working very hard to try to find a solution, Hopefully we will achieve that, unfortunately there are blockades whichever way you look, but somehow we will find a way.’ Red Bull team principal Christian Horner told Sky Sports.

‘We are massively tight on time and ideally we would have made our decision prior to the end of October. That isn’t the case but hopefully we will be honing in on something soon,’

Red Bull Racing had approached Mercedes for a supply of engines for 2016, but the German manufacturer rejected the approach.

Ferrari have also rejected the notion of supplying Red Bull with 2016 specification engines, but have offered power-trains of 2015 spec.

Honda are the only other option which doesn’t involved an embarrassing reconciliation with Renault but as Horner alluded to, even that deal could be vetoed by McLaren.

Speaking to Autosport Magazine Horner added: ‘Honda are very keen, but unfortunately they have a contractual status that is between them and McLaren that’s nothing to do with us.

‘It’s for them to decide amongst themselves what they want to do.’