Date: 9th August 2016 at 9:20am
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During recent races there has been a lot of chatter regarding track limits.

And depending on the track and often the corner itself, FIA Formula One Race Director Charlie Whiting has taken differing views.

Charlie looks at things from a technical view, if there is no advantage to be gained by taking a corner too wide and pushing the track limits he wouldn’t penalise the driver.

If the corner was an area that drivers could gain advantage he would opt to penalise the driver.

The problem however has been that the rules have changed far too frequently, sometimes during a Grand Prix weekend and they are far too complicated for the teams and drivers, let alone the spectators at the track or watching on television.

This has seen calls for more predictable and straight forward rules, something that can be understood by everyone.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes the best way to do that is to abolish track limits completely.

?The tarmac run-off is so boring anyway that drivers are able to go off and rejoin, If I am reading on screen that car so and so has rejoined the track, I think ‘if you go off the track, you should be either in the wall or the gravel bed’.

‘If it is tarmac, let them take the quickest line. What is the difference?
he told

?We are having a million miles of run-off areas. It becomes less and less spectacular and we wonder why audiences are having less interest in what we do.

‘My opinion is, leave [Silverstone corners] Copse and Club or whatever and let them drive the quickest line.

?If it is somewhere really unsafe because we are coming too close to the barriers or when you rejoin you are putting others in danger, then okay, look at the specifics of that one corner, but for the rest, just let them go. Let them drive. It is spectacular pictures.?