Date: 5th June 2014 at 6:57am
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When it was announced that Kimi Raikkonen was re-joining Ferrari all the talk was how he and Fernando Alonso would get on as team-mates.

It was a big shift in how the Ferrari team operate to make a move from one clear number one driver, to two equal drivers.

The thought in the paddock would be that the two former Formula One World Champions, would be competing for race victories, very much like the two drivers at Mercedes are.

But that hasn’t happened for Ferrari as Ferrari have suffered a slow start to a season once more, with Ferrari now going a full calendar year without a victory.

The two drivers haven’t appeared to be on that much of a level battle field either, with Alonso dominating Raikkonen.

Alonso has so far scored 61 points in 2014 with Raikkonen scoring just 17.

‘I’m not sure it’s entirely fair to say he [Kimi] is struggling more than Fernando, They both have similar feedback with the car, and there are aspects of this year’s rules that make the cars across the pitlane a far from easy aspect for the driver. There is a lot more torque from the engine, a lot less aerodynamic grip, and the tyres are deliberately less aggressive than last year. Ferrari Technical Director James Allison told Sky Sports.

‘All that means they are quite a handful to drive, not too breezy for anyone, be that at the front or back of the grid. The problems Kimi has with the car under braking, downshifting, are the same as Fernando, and pretty much the same as being experienced by other drivers at other teams.

‘He’s just going a little slower than Fernando at the moment, but that gap is closing as the year progresses.’