Date: 13th November 2013 at 8:32am
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Following on from the views of Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali, Robert Kubica has spoken about his chances of returning to Formula One.

Kubica crashed his Skoda Fabia during the opening stage of the Ronde di Andora rally in Italy back in February 2011. His car crashed into a barrier which penetrated his car leaving him with a partially severed right hand and fractures to his right leg and arm.

In the days following his accident, the Pole underwent three operations and was put in an induced coma to help aid his recovery, it had been hoped that he wouldn?t require any further surgery, but in early March 2011, Kubica had a fourth operation to help the mobility of his elbow.

After a month of rehabilitation the then Renault driver underwent another large operation which was to remove adhesions affecting the functionality of his right forearm and elbow muscles and in August he underwent further elbow surgery in a bid to give him full mobility of his right elbow.

Surgeons were reportedly very happy immediately following the procedure and after a few days rest in hospital, Kubica resumed his rehabilitation and intensive training programme.

In January 2012 the Polish driver suffered another set back when he underwent an operation to have a metal screw inserted to pin the bone in his leg to reduce the fracture after he reopened the fracture in his tibia after falling in the garden in an accident at his house in Italy.

In June 2012 he had more surgery which was designed to improve the mobility of his arm and the procedure included having parts of his elbow removed and replaced with two prosthesis at Pederzoli Hospital.

Following the procedure, the former Renault driver underwent various tests to see how much his movement has been improved and this included work in a race simulator.

He has since gone on to return to action in rally racing and had tests behind the wheel of a DTM car [German Touring Cars].

But he has decided to stick with Rallying for the time being the ultimate aim of perhaps returning to Formula One in the future.

Earlier this year Kubica had a session with Mercedes in the Formula One simulator, while Ferrari have also kept a close eye on his progress.

But now it seems the 28-year-old will never return to F1.

‘We were keeping an eye on him. Unfortunately I don’t think he will be back.

‘With his physical problem, he would struggle in certain situations which require reactivity. It’s a shame.’
Domenicali told the BBC.

The fact that Ferrari were still keeping an eye on Kubica’s progress just shows the talent that Formula One has lost with Kubica also admitting that his injury would limit him.

‘I would be able to drive an F1 car on one or two circuits for testing.

‘But it doesn’t make sense to test for a day if I cannot race.’
he also told the BBC.

Speaking about Domenicali’s comments, Kubica added: ‘He can express his opinion. It’s clear to see I have limitations. I think there is only one person who can judge what I can do behind the steering wheel – and that’s myself.’

‘It’s a dream, a target, but for now, it’s very difficult, I would say nearly impossible.

‘I will never take the opportunity if I don’t feel 100% ready. If one day things improve, for sure we will see. For now, I am concentrating on rallying.’

On his work in the Mercedes F1 simulator he added: ‘It helped me a bit, Every time I go there, I see progress on my rehabilitation. It’s positive to see, but what the future will bring, I don’t know.’