Date: 12th August 2015 at 10:22am
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With very limited on-track testing time in Formula One the simulator has become a crucial tool for teams.

Unfortunately for Sauber they do not have access to a simulator and so are already at a big disadvantage to their competitors.

Throw in a mid-season rule change to Grand Prix starts and Sauber are at an even bigger disadvantage as they cannot test procedures.

From the Belgian Grand Prix, Formula One will introduce new clutch-start regulations, in practice this means that the starts will be less technical and more down to the driver.

But without much preparation, Sauber feel that are on the back-foot.

‘The lack of simulator is a down factor, for sure, and the team is aware of that. Felipe Nasr told Autosport Magazine.

‘a simulator is the best way to compensate for lost track time, and now we have these new rules from Spa with the clutch, which is something else you could try on the simulator.

‘We’ve already tried some procedures in Hungary as we had to build up some references.

‘It’s going to be difficult to have the perfect start without all the information from behind, but then it will be the same for everybody.