Date: 28th July 2014 at 11:23am
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McLaren made a catastrophic error in judgement during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

On lap 8 following the heavy crash for Caterham’s Marcus Ericsson the safety car was deployed.

The timing of the safety car coming out caught out the top four, who were forced to make their way around the track before pitting, whilst the remainder of the field were able to swoop straight into the pit-lane.

The whole situation should have worked perfectly for Jenson Button as he was able to come out of the pits with a fresh set of tyres and in an unlikely second place in the Grand Prix.

However, while every single other driver switched their worn wet intermediate tyres for dry slicks, Button put on a new set of wet intermediates.

This decision was down to the team as their weather forecasts had rain predicted imminently.

This also led to the decision to not bring Kevin Magnussen in for a pit-stop after he had battled his way through the field from a pit-lane start.

A few laps later both drivers had to pit sending them to the back of the field.

‘We obviously use different radar to everyone else because on the radar the team thought it was going to rain,’ Button told Sky Sports.

‘I did everything right in the race and that’s why it’s always tough when in every condition you do everything you can. Fifth at the start of the race, definitely out of position, and I put the car in a good place then we threw it all away.’

McLaren team boss Eric Boullier added: ‘To be honest we tried our best, on the radar we had a signal saying the rain’s coming in five minutes and I think the call was wrong. It’s a shame because both drivers did a good race?wrong call,’