Date: 4th August 2015 at 8:43am
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In 2016 there will be just eight days of testing.

The Formula One teams have already agreed the change, along with a later start date for the opening round of the season in Australia and the addition of two further races on the calendar.

With the increase from 19 to 21 races for the 2016 Formula One World Championship, the teams decided to cull the days available for testing.

In March there will be two pre-season testing sessions, whilst throughout the season there will be no testing.

The changes were not unanimous amongst the teams, with McLaren team boss Eric Boullier making it clear where his team stood on the changes.

?The plan is for eight days of testing, we are not necessarily happy with that, But it?s been agreed by a majority [of teams] a long time ago so we just have to deal with that.? Boullier told Sky Sports.

Two-time Formula One World Champion and McLaren Honda driver Fernando Alonso also weighted into the debate adding: ?Before we had some freedom in terms of testing and improving the car, If you found your car was uncompetitive in the first part of the season, you could still end the year in a competitive way. Now we have our hands tied for the season.

‘We run the car in Jerez and Barcelona for the tests and if it’s competitive you will have a good season and if it’s not you will have a bad season.?

The Spaniard of course has a point, everyone in Formula One hankers for more competition.

Whilst the separate battles between Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull Racing are often exciting, or the mid-field battles between Lotus, Force India and Sauber what we all really want is them all battling with Mercedes at the front.

But the current testing rules that have been set to try and lower costs will ultimately only maintain the status-quo.