Date: 16th May 2016 at 7:52am
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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has declared that neither Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton was at fault for the crash in Spain.

The collision happened on the opening lap of the Grand Prix in Barcelona with the Mercedes duo leading the race.

After an initial good start, Hamilton lost the lead in turn one as Rosberg carried the momentum around the outside of the first corner.

However the German initially appeared to lack traction coming out of the third corner and Hamilton closed down Rosberg significantly.

Rosberg did not stick to the racing line and with Hamilton about to overtake, having his front wing and front wheels alongside Rosberg, the German edged across pushing Hamilton on to the grass.

Out of control, Hamilton spun on the grass colliding with Rosberg with the pairs race ended in the gravel trap.

The race stewards investigated the collision after the race and deemed it a racing incident.

That decision appeared to revolved around the fact that Rosberg started the Grand Prix in the wrong engine mode.

This resulted in a 17kph speed difference between Rosberg and the closing Hamilton.

Rosberg was within his right to defend his position, but sporting regulations require the leading driver to leave room, something Rosberg did not do, leaving Hamilton who had his front wing and front wheels alongside him, on to the grass.

At that speed Hamilton’s intention was always to go to that side and with Rosberg slower, the Brit had nowhere to go but the grass to avoid an immediate collision.

‘?we let our drivers race each other – and that is what you get – sometimes! Actually I have to say that our opinion is that none of the two is to blame directly and entirely? Wolff told

‘It is true that Lewis apologised to Nico – but that is our culture within the team. Both, of course, were pretty unhappy about the situation – that the team was let down. And I think that both know that they are not faultless in that situation. But that is already water under the bridge and the only interesting thing is of how we get out of that situation. We have really had a great spirit within the team at the last couple of races – of course also up and downs. Time is a great healer and the team has enough backbone to move on from difficult circumstances.