Date: 12th January 2015 at 11:57am
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Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery predicts a more aggressive tyre strategy in 2015.

The Italian tyre manufacturer is not making any drastic changes to its compounds for 2015 in comparison to 2014.

The structure of the rear tyre is being tweaked in the hopes that the distribution of tyre temperature will be greater.

This is being done in a bid to improve performance over the course of the race and to become more consistent.

Whilst the supersoft tyre compound is being altered to improve its ‘working range’, in a bid to open up more tyre strategies rather than using the tyre over few laps.

As Hembery describes, for Pirelli 2015 will show ‘evolution rather than revolution.?

So what does this mean for tyre strategy next season?

With all of the changes in engine regulations for last year, the tyres took a backseat. With minimal influence on the outcome of many of the races.

Will this be the same again over the next year or will the expected improved performance from the teams mean that the tyres will become more of a factor?

?Last year people said we were a little bit too conservative and maybe a little bit boring, but I think it is more a case of we went into a year with new technology. Hembery told Sky Sports.

He continued: ?We?ve seen some initial data that suggests the cars are going to make another good step in performance compared to last season and what might have been a conservative [tyre] choice last season might become quite an aggressive one in 2015.

?So like many we are interested to see what happens with the [engine] unfreeze for a little while of the engine regulations, what that is going to mean for the majority of teams ? particularly on race pace, that is the one aspect where we expect to see a big improvement in performance. And that might make a conservative [tyre] choice suddenly a bit more aggressive.?