Date: 27th November 2017 at 7:01pm
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There could be some more changes in Formula One for 2018.

With Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel’s 2017 Formula One World Championship bid faltering towards the end, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes wrapped up the titles with a couple of races to spare.

That left the ending to otherwise intriguing season feeling more like a damp squib.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix did little to aid that, with just one single overtaking manoeuvre happening following the opening lap.

Most drivers moaned about the dull circuit and now Formula One track designer Hermann Tilke has confessed that an alteration is being considered.

‘We have an idea to change one corner, It’s a very small change but maybe it has a lot of impact for overtaking.

‘We are in discussion.’
Tilke told Sky Sports.

Well, it can’t make it any worse………can it?