Date: 29th November 2016 at 11:59am
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There are very few Grand Prix on the Formula One calendar that feel sacrosanct.

In a sport that is constantly striving to break new markets for both the sport and the competitors brand development, some tracks offer that connection from the future, through the present and back to the past.

Tracks like Monaco and Silverstone are often celebrated, but in Italy the home of Ferrari the Monza track is also vehemently celebrated.

Many people within Formula One would argue that without Ferrari, Formula One wouldn’t be the same and without a Ferrari home race at Monza, that argument continues.

Thankfully, for the immediate future at least the Italian Grand Prix at Monza has been saved.

A brand new ?70million deal to extend the current deal to 2019 has been agreed.

‘We have avoided the possibility that, after 70 years, Italy could lose the most prestigious, historic and fascinating automobile races in the world.

‘Now we move forward together, with the goal of making the grand prix at Monza an even more important event that fascinates and attracts more and more fans worldwide.’
The head of the Italian motorsport federation Angelo Sticchi Damiani told BBC on Tuesday.