Date: 31st July 2014 at 11:41am
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With the summer break in full swing the focus is slowly shifting away from the Hungarian Grand Prix.

But in a tight Formula One World Championship battle, the spotlight is still firmly placed on the Mercedes duo of title leader Nico Rosberg and challenger Lewis Hamilton.

The pair are separated by 11 points after Hamilton caused a surprise by actually closing the gap in the title chase in Hungary.

It was a surprise as Rosberg had started the race from pole position, whilst Hamilton started from the pit-lane.

But due to rain and the safety car, Hamilton eventually got ahead of Rosberg.

But what will the fall-out be of Hamilton’s refusal to let Rosberg past?

‘Lewis was asked to let Nico pass because we believed they both still had a chance to win the race as the strategies played out. But Nico never got close enough to Lewis to make the move ? and we were ultimately comfortable with the decision Lewis made to hold position.? Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was quoted bySky Sports last week.

Hamilton held a one second lead over Rosberg, so to slow down and let Rosberg by would have cost the Brit valuable time and track position in his own race against Ricciardo, Alonso and ultimately Rosberg.

The decision had been made as the two drivers were on different tyre strategies, but Mercedes will now reconsider how they deal with race strategy to allow their drivers to both race for victories, without compromising each other.

?When it comes to drivers in the same team running alternative strategies, it is usual for them not to make life hard for each other when it comes to overtaking. But we must appreciate that we are not in a usual situation any more.? he concluded.